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         Welcome to my website.  I'm guessing you want to learn a little more about me as a Photographer.

I've been around media for almost 20 years, growing up in small towns, enjoying the ocean of British Columbia, and prairies of western Canada.  Being around some form of media, whether it be sound and lighting, video or photography has been a passion mine.  In church, or at events, images and video were frequently involved to some degree.  As the years went by, working at all sorts of jobs, from British Columba to Saskatchewan, eventually found myself in Edmonton, and the Leduc Alberta area, working for a production company, as well as Electrical companies.  Taking pictures and video of events, and landscape & wild life, were activities I sought to do whether it was on my own, or on the job.

Working in Alberta has been fun and a challenge all at the same time. In mid 2015 my health went sideways.  This propelled me into considering whether photography and video, would play a roll in my future.  After talking with family and friends, I decided to pursue photography and video, and see where it would take me. Since 2015, and all that I experienced living with a health condition, the passion to get out there and capture " That Picture" was still alive.  To have people pause and look at the world for all its splendour through the lens of a camera, was appealing to me. 

        If there is one thing I have learned to pass on, it's this; take a moment and see the world around you. Appreciate it.  Find the things that are authentic, and observe them in all their splendour. Take the time to just go for a walk, meet people, and look for the best in others. Experience the uniqueness in people.  Everyone has something to offer.

       In closing, hope you enjoy looking at my website.  As time goes on there will be new photos and videos posted as I get to them.  There is a contact form below, if you decide to reach out and contact me.

Brian Metcalf

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