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Family Photo Portraits 

Boys will be boys...

If he only new ...

This Photo Shoot is designed for families in mind. Lasting about 45 min to an hour. The concept is to capture the candidness of the family and about 5 to 7 great portraits of the family.

Q. What is the price?

A. $330.00

Q. How many images do I get?

A. We are looking for 5-7 great family portraits for prints / artwork, and around 15+ other photos to be used in Photo Albums, and such.

Q. How many prints do I get?

A. Looking for around 5 or so that would make great prints. These you would hang on your wall, give to family and friends, and about 10 or so for a photo album. ( If there are enough good photos you have options )

Q. Can I order more than just prints?

A. Yes these are extras. Customized to you. So do expect pricing for them.

Q. If we go over an hour, does this cost extra?

A. No, life happens. not a problem. We are looking of great photos that tell your family story, To share with extended family and friends. Also if young kids get fussy, then we my have to cut things short and try again another day. By the way at no extra cost. Things happen.

Q. How do you take payment?

A. I can take payment on location as long as my phone can connect to internet. I use

Debit, Visa. 

Note: The number of prints varies, because kids are kids ,and dogs, are dogs, behaving or upset, to circumstances out of our control. This does happen. So will try to have a good time, for a Family Photo shoot

Please note: Pricing and offerings are subject to change. If you have a booking at this price, with your add on's, no need to worry, your session will not change. 

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