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Small Photo Session 

For one 

This personal Photo Session is for those whom are looking for a

cost effective portrait shoot to fulfil a need for:

Personal use of a portrait. or

For a photo on a website.

Or a Business card, extra...

This Photo Session is laid back so we can capture the best portrait of yourself or a friend.

Q.How much does this cost me?

A.Basic photo Shoot $ 90.00

Q.How many Images do I get?

A. Going for 5 great portraits 

Plane to print 1 mid to large print ( to be discussed )

4 of a smaller size

2 Images for Social Media ( Sized and edited )

Q.Can I add other products ? Like mugs and such?

Yes, we can chat about what your ideas are.

( Note: Don't forget these have extra costs for your budget. )

Q.Can I bring a family member or friend?

Yes you can.

( Note: When there is 3 or more people, then we are into a Family Session,  or                 custom session, therefore the cost is obviously different. )

Q.Is my dog allowed to come? 

A.Yes for sure. make sure the furry friend has done their business and              some of the wiggles are out.

Please note: Pricing and offerings are subject to change. If you have a booking at this price, with your add on's, no need to worry, your session will not change. 

Kuhn Family Photos Oct 2017-2830-2.jpg
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